Budokan offers assistance in relevant business certification procedures:


It is the international standard that certifies the quality of the company; it is an essential tool for companies that want to improve their productivity and acquire solid positions in the market.

GLP (Good Laboratory Practice)

Good Laboratory Practice deals with the organisation, processes and conditions under which laboratory studies are planned, performed, monitored and recorded; GLPs aim to promote the quality and validity of test data.


Privacy certifications are an excellent tool to help the owner or manager demonstrate accountability, especially when negotiating relationships of joint ownership or subordination of responsibilities.


It is the standard that ensures constant control of processes related to quality and customer satisfaction.

GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice)

Good Manufacturing Practice consists of a set of rules describing the methods, equipment, means and management of production to ensure appropriate quality standards.

Basilea 2

These are the guidelines of conduct prescribed to the banking supervisory authorities, which came into force in 2007 with the aim of making the banking system stable and efficient and preventing crises; on the basis of this agreement, Budokan assists companies in managing their relations with banks.